Our wide choice of universal replacement combustion chamber designs fit many makes and models of boiler and furnace – please see our ready reference sheet for size and selection. Lynn products can be bought through your local HVAC wholesaler.


Designed for Wet Base Boilers. Vacuum cast combustion chamber made of pure 2300F ceramic fiber. Absorbs sound for quiet combustion. One piece Installs quickly which saves times and money. Comes with complete instructions and soft Kaowool strips for feet.

Description Size (W x L x H) Firing Rate GPH Item #
Quickie 100 11.50” x 11.00” x 10.75” 0.75-1.25 1001
Quickie 200 12.00” x 13.75” x 12.00” 1.35-1.75 1002
Quickie 300 12.00” x 18.00” x 12.00” 1.75-2.25 1003
Mini Quickie 11.00” x 10.25” 10.25” 0.65-1.00 1004


Designed for Dry Base Boilers & Furnaces. Vacuum cast combustion chamber made of 2300F ceramic fiber. Absorbs sound. Can be cut in half vertically for installation, comes with Stainless bands and complete instructions.

Description Size (W x L x H) Firing Rate GPH Item #
Time Saver 7 7.50”ID x 8.75”OD x 11.25”H 0.50-0.60 1007
Time Saver 9 9.00”ID x 10.50”OD x 14.25”H 0.65-0.85 1009
Time Saver 11 11.00”ID x 12.50”OD x 15.25”H 1.00-1.25 1011
Time Saver 13 13.00”ID x 14.50”OD x 14.75”H 1.35-1.75 1013
Time Saver 15 15.00”ID x 17.00”OD x 16.00”H 1.65-2.00 1015
Time Saver 2.25 17.50”L x 13.00”W x 16.00”H 1.75-2.25 1016
Time Saver 3.00 22.00”L x 14.00”W x 16.00”H 2.25-3.00 1017