OEM Information Table

9200CAircoFurnaceOriginal Chamber1158
28562AircoFurnaceOriginal Chamber1158
88231B1AircoFurnaceReplacement Chamber Kit1158
American StandardArcoleader Wet BaseA1-71003
American StandardArcoleader Wet BaseA1-5 & A1-61002
American StandardVP(T)All1064
American StandardArcoleader Wet BaseA1-3 & A1-41001
American StandardArcoliner Wet BaseW-O-551, W-O-651, S-O-155T, S-O-156T1002
American StandardArcoliner Wet BaseW-O-351, W-O-451, S-O-153T, S-O-154T1001
American StandardV-3All1065
American StandardA-3 SeriesA33, A34, A35, A36 & A371065
BardOil FurnacesD36C, D48C, D-60C, F-81, F86CF, F86H, F97, F100CF, FC085, FH110, FLF085, FLF110, FLR085, FLR1101131
BryantPreferred SeriesBW4 & BW51151
82027081BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82027061BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82022033BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
8202701BurnhamV-7Target Wall1066
8202702BurnhamV-7Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1066
82027041BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82027031BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82027081BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82027091BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82027071BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82028035BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82028004BurnhamV-8Burner Swing Door Insulation1129
82028085BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82028095BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
BurnhamC3 & C4 SeriesC3, C41135
8202301BurnhamV-3Target Wall Insulation1065
82027023BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
8202307BurnhamV-3Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1065
82028055BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82028045BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
8202701BurnhamV-8Rear Target Wall Insulation1129
82028025BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82028075BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82028005BurnhamV-8Rope Gasket - Burner Swing Door1129
82028065BurnhamV-8Combustion Chamber Blanket1129
82027031BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82027071BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82022033BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82027022BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutBurner Swing Door Insulation1074
BurnhamJubilee Wet Base230, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255, 2601086
82022043BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82027091BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82027023BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
BurnhamFiestaP or PH-401089
8202701BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutTarget Wall1074
82027021BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutBurner Swing Door Mounting Plate Insulation1074
72027014BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutRope Gasket - Burner Mounting Plate1074
82027041BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
7203301BurnhamLE & LEDVFront Door Outer Rope Gasket1167
82027061BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
Burnham3W & 4W SeriesAll1074
82022043BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
82027051BurnhamV-7 Swing-OutCombustion Chamber Liner1074
82022053BurnhamV-1Combustion Chamber Liner1064
8202210BurnhamV-1Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1064
82022043BurnhamV-1Combustion Chamber Liner1064
8202701BurnhamV-1Target Wall1064
82022033BurnhamV-1Combustion Chamber Liner1064
8202211BurnhamV-1Target Wall1064
8203302BurnhamLE & LEDVFront Door Outer Insulation1167
8203301BurnhamLE & LEDVFront Door Inner Insulation1167
82027051BurnhamV-7Combustion Chamber Liner1066
6186041BurnhamRS-109 thru 114Combustion Chamber1107
BurnhamRS-SeriesRS-109, RS-110, RS-111, RS-112, RS-113, RS-114, RS-1151107
BurnhamRSM SeriesRSM-96, RSM-1261107
7203302BurnhamLE & LEDVRear Door Rope Gasket1167
8203305BurnhamLE & LEDVCombustion Chamber Liner1167
7203305BurnhamLE & LEDVFront Door and Furnace Rope Gasket1167
8203303BurnhamLE & LEDVRear Door Insulation1167
CarrierPerformance 86BW4 & BW51151
ColumbiaCSF SeriesCSF-365, CSF-3100, CSF-4125, CSF-4150, CSF-5175, CSF-5200, CSF-6225, CSF-72801111
ColumbiaCSFH-3CSFH-365, CSFH-3100, CSFH-3125, CSFH-4100, CSFH-4125, CSFH-4150, CSFH-5125, CSFH-5175, CSFH-5200, CSFH-61501097
Crane Company#1414-4, 14-51001
Crane Company70 SeriesAll1156
Crane Company#1414-6, 14-71002
146-14-015CrownBahama (BD)Fire Door Insulation1108
270025CrownTWZ & KSZTarget Wall Insulation1155
146-19-003CrownBahama (BD)Target Wall Insulation1108
270021CrownTWZ & KSZSwing Door Insulation1155
275003CrownTWZ & KSZRefractory Blanket1155
275005CrownTWZ & KSZRefractory Blanket1155
17-010CrownBahama (BDS)Floor Blanket1133
433-00-905CrownBahama (BDS)1133
146-14-014CrownBahama (BDS)Swing Door Insulation1133
146-19-003CrownBahama (BDS)Target Wall Insulation1133
275004CrownTWZ & KSZRefractory Blanket1155
14630031DunkirkEmpire II WaterFloor Blanket1132
14619003DunkirkEmpire II WaterTarget Wall Insulation1132
43300905DunkirkEmpire II Water1132
14614014DunkirkEmpire II WaterSwing Door Insulation1132
146-19-003DunkirkEmpire WaterTarget Wall Insulation1105
2552901DunkirkEmpire II SteamMounting Door Insulation & Plug1144
2552701DunkirkEmpire II SteamTarget Wall Insulation1144
2553303DunkirkEmpire II SteamInsulation - Swing Door1144
25511005DunkirkEmpire II SteamInsulation Blanket1144
2551901DunkirkEmpire II SteamDoor Plug Replacement1144
146-14-015DunkirkEmpire WaterFire Door Insulation1105
Dunkirk RadiatorEV SeriesDPFO-6T, DPFO-7, DPFO-8T, DPFO-91138
Dunkirk RadiatorEV SeriesDPFO-3T, DPFO4 & 4T, DPFO5 & 5T1137
Dunkirk RadiatorEV SeriesDPFO-31136
Dunkirk Radiator15 Series515, 6151002
Dunkirk Radiator13 Series713, 813, 1371002
Dunkirk Radiator15 Series7151003
Dunkirk Radiator13 Series1381003
Dunkirk Radiator13 Series513, 6131001
Electric Furnace-ManOBT-5 SeriesOBT75c5, OBT100C5, OBT125C5, OBT150C5, OBT175C5, OBT200C5, OBT250C5, OBT275C5, OBT300C51124
78105H B SmithSeries 19 (7-12 sect)Rope Seal1171
60434H B SmithSeries 19 (7-12 sect)Burner Insulating Block1171
69761H B SmithSeries 19 (Beckett)Target Wall (3-6 Section Only)1170
78105H B SmithSeries 19 (Beckett)Rope Seal1170
60430H B SmithSeries 19 (Beckett)Burner Insulating Block - Beckett 3-6 Section1170
69761H B SmithSeries 19 (3-6 sect)Target Wall (3-6 Section Only)1169
60462H B SmithBB14 & OB14Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1159
74313H B SmithSeries 8Floor Insulation Blanket1104
61138H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutCleanout Door Insulation1153
74312H B SmithSeries 8Floor Insulation Blanket1104
69356H B SmithSeries 8Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1104
74311H B SmithSeries 8Floor Insulation Blanket1104
74310H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutFloor Insulation Blanket1153
74311H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutFloor Insulation Blanket1153
78105H B SmithSeries 19 (3-6 sect)Rope Seal1169
60023H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutRope Seal1153
61136H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutCleanout door Gasket1153
69406H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutTarget Wall1153
60434H B SmithSeries 19 (3-6 sect)Burner Insulating Block1169
74310H B SmithSeries 8Floor Insulation Blanket1104
76540H B SmithSeries 28Burner Mounting Plate Rope Seal1168
69645H B SmithSeries 28Burner Mounting Plate Insulation1168
74313H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutFloor Insulation Blanket1153
61137H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutInsulation Block1153
74312H B SmithSeries 8 Swing-OutFloor Insulation Blanket1153
69406H B SmithSeries 8Target Wall1104
H. B. SmithModel FD-12FD12-3, FD12-4, FD12-5, FD12-6, FD12-71068
HydrothermPB Series -Without Swing-out DoorPB-105, PB-120, PB-150, PB-180, PB-200, PB-235, PB-245, PB-2951099
HydrothermMultitempMO-420, MO-560, MO-660A, MO-840, MO-990A, MO-1320A1077
HydrothermOR SeriesOR-330, OR-3851110
HydrothermOR SeriesOR-175, OR-210, OR-2801109
HydrothermPB Series - With Swing-out DoorPB-105, PB-120, PB-150, PB-180, PB-200, PB-235, PB-245, PB-2951153
HydrothermMultitempMO-770A, MO-1155A, MO-1540A, MO-1925A, MO-2310A, MO-2695A, MO-3080A, MO-3465A, MO-3850A, MO-4235A, MO-4620, MO-5005A, MO-5390A, MO-5775A, MO-6160A, MO-6545A, MO-6930A1078
LennoxConservator SeriesCOWB-3, COWB-4, COWB-51139
LennoxConservator SeriesCOWB2-3, COWB2-4, COWB2-51140
MemcoSST SeriesSS375, SS3100, SS4125, SS4150, SS5175, SS52001112
MemcoCST-PlusCSTO-3T, CSTO-4, CSTO-4T, CSTO-5, CSTO-5T, CSTO-6T, CSTO-7, CSTO-8T, CSTO-91115
903423Miller/NordyneM1, M5Combustion Chamber1141
901818Miller/NordyneCMF, MOC, MGCCombustion Chamber1029
903423Miller/NordyneCMF2Combustion Chamber1145
National RadiatorNational -US Sunray IV5-19S, 5-19W1002
National RadiatorNational -US Sunray IV6-19S, 6-19W, 7-19S, 7-19W1003
National Radiator70 SeriesAll1156
National RadiatorNational -US Sunray IV3-19S, 3-19W, 4-19S, 4-19W1001
National Radiator100 SeriesA103, A104, A/OU-13W, A/OU-14W1001
National Radiator100 SeriesA105, A106, A/OU-15W, A/OU-16W, A/OU-25W1002
103324-01New YorkerFRFloor Insulation1161
62072002New YorkerFRChamber Kit1162
103324-02New YorkerFRFloor Insulation1162
82072014New YorkerFRFront Insulation1162
62072003New YorkerFRChamber Kit1163
82072014New YorkerFRFront Insulation1163
103324-03New YorkerFRFloor Insulation1163
7207202New YorkerFRTop/Bottom Insulation1164
82072008New YorkerFRDoor Insulation1164
62072006New YorkerFRFlue Box Kit1164
7207201New YorkerFRSide Insulation1164
62072007New YorkerFRFlue Box Kit1165
82072009New YorkerFRDoor Insulation1165
7207202New YorkerFRTop/Bottom Insulation1165
7207203New YorkerFRSide Insulation1165
82072010New YorkerFRDoor Insulation1166
62072008New YorkerFRFlue Box Kit1166
7207205New YorkerFRTop/Bottom Insulation1166
7207204New YorkerFRSide Insulation1166
8203302New YorkerMicroTEKFront Door Outer Insulation1167
8203303New YorkerMicroTEKRear Door Insulation1167
82072013New YorkerFRFront Insulation1161
62072001New YorkerFRChamber Kit1161
7203305New YorkerMicroTEKFront Door and Furnace Rope Gasket1167
7203302New YorkerMicroTEKRear Door Rope Gasket1167
7203301New YorkerMicroTEKFront Door Outer Rope Gasket1167
8203305New YorkerMicroTEKCombustion Chamber Liner1167
8203301New YorkerMicroTEKFront Door Inner Insulation1167
New Yorker BoilerWH SeriesWH-132, WH-142, WH-154, WH-165, WH-1761106
New Yorker BoilerUCG SeriesUCG-100, UCG-125, UCG-125-1, UCG-140, UCG-150-1, UCG-154-1, UCG-164-1, UCG-170, UCG-189-11106
New Yorker BoilerS-AP SeriesS-98-AP, S-99-AP, S-106-AP, 1102
New Yorker BoilerAP SeriesAP-580, AP-660, 1102
New Yorker BoilerNY SeriesNY-112-11102
New Yorker BoilerOS- SeriesOS-98, OS-1061102
New Yorker BoilerOS- SeriesOS-101-1, OS-114, OS-120-1, OS-122, OS-132, OS-142, OS-143-1, OS-161-1, OS-165, OS-170-1,OS-191-1, OS-2221106
New Yorker BoilerS-AP SeriesS-114-AP, S-122-AP, S-132-AP, S-142-PA, S-165-AP, S-176-AP, S-193-AP, S-203-AP, S-222-AP, S-230-AP, S-580, S-990-21106
New Yorker BoilerAP SeriesAP-780, AP-840, AP-890, AP-1160, 1106
New Yorker BoilerClassic SeriesCL-3, Cl-4, CL-5, CL-6, CL-3S, Cl-4S, CL-5S, CL-6S, CL-7S1134
New Yorker BoilerNY SeriesNY-124-1, NY-151-1, NY-168-1, NY-194-1, NY-224-11106
New Yorker BoilerClassic SeriesCL3-091, CL3-105, CL3-140, CL4-126, CL4-175, CL4-210, CL5-168,
CL5-245, CL5-280
New Yorker BoilerPH-SeriesPH-132, PH-142, PH-154, PH165, PH-176, PH-203, PH-222, PH-230, CPH-165, CPH-1761106
New Yorker BoilerAP SeriesAP-490, AP-510, AP-590, AP-670, AP-690, AP-790, APD-961103
New Yorker BoilerS-AP SeriesS-97-AP,S-107-AP, S-118-AP, S-131-AP, S-154-AP, 1103
New Yorker BoilerUCG SeriesUCG-100-11103
New Yorker BoilerOS- SeriesOS-123-1, OS-140-11103
28562OlsenFurnaceOriginal Chamber1158
9200COlsenFurnaceOriginal Chamber1158
88231B1OlsenFurnaceReplacement Chamber Kit1158
OlsenOSFH SeriesOSFH-365, OSFH-3100, OSFH-3125,OSFH-4100, OSFH-4125, OSFH-4150, OSFH-5125, OSFH-5175, OSFH-5200, OSFH-6150, OSFH-6225, OSFH-72751116
Oneida RoyalFurnaceL-HO-145DA4 & L-HO-145DA51158
X1080-1PeerlessEC/ECTBurner Mounting Plate Insulation1093
51210PeerlessWB/WVMounting Plate Seal Rope1071
50795PeerlessWB/WVTarget Wall1071
50794PeerlessWB/WVBurner Mounting Plate Insulation1071
X3019PeerlessEC/ECTTarget Wall1093
CC4028PeerlessEC/ECTReplacement Chamber Kit1093
CC-3025PeerlessEC/ECTTarget Wall1093
CC-3043PeerlessEC/ECTBase Liner (blanket)1093
EC3002PeerlessEC/ECTReplacement Chamber Kit1093
50768PeerlessEC/ECTTarget Wall1093
50661PeerlessEC/ECTReplacement Chamber Kit1093
50765PeerlessEC/ECTBurner Mounting Plate Insulation1093
50846PeerlessEC/ECTBase Liner (blanket)1093
EC3000-3PeerlessEC/ECTBase Liner (blanket)1093
CC1030PeerlessJO/JOTCombustion Chamber Plate Insulation1067
CC-3025PeerlessJO/JOTTarget Wall1067
X3002PeerlessJO/JOTCombustion Chamber Replacement Kit1067
EC3000-3PeerlessJO/JOTBase Liner (blanket)1067
50768PeerlessJO/JOTTarget Wall1067
CC-3043PeerlessJO/JOTBase Liner (blanket)1067
X3019PeerlessJO/JOTTarget Wall1067
50765PeerlessJO/JOTCombustion Chamber Plate Insulation1067
50846PeerlessJO/JOTBase Liner (blanket)1067
CC4028PeerlessJO/JOTCombustion Chamber Replacement Kit1067
X1080-1PeerlessJO/JOTCombustion Chamber Plate Insulation1067
PenncoKeystone Water3K.60(C), 3K.75(C), 3K.100(C), 4K.90(C), 4K1.25(C), 4K1.50(C), 5K1.20(C), 5K.175(C), 5K2.00(C) 1146
PenncoKSC SteamKSC0365S, KSC3100S, KSC4100S, KSC4125S, KSC4150S, KSC5175S, KSC5200S, KSC6225S, KSC7275S1147
RepcoBOS SeriesBOS-85R, BOS-100R, BOS-115R1061
SearsKenmore 44 Series94413(C), 94414(C), 94415(C), 94423(C), 94424(C), 94425(C), 94433(C), 94434(C), 94435(C)1123
430029Slant/FinLibertyTarget Wall1087
Slant/FinXL-2000XL-20, XL-30, XL-40, XL-501088
Slant/FinCaravanLD(W/Z)O-600-2-5, 750-2-6, 850-2-7, 900-3-5, 1100-3-6, 1300-3-7, 1700-4-7, 2100-5-7, 2500-6-7, 2900-7-7, 3400-8-71150
Slant/FinIntrepidTR-20 (ALL), TR-30 (ALL), TR-40 (ALL), TR_50 (ALL), TR-60PZ, TR-60PZT, TR-60SKD, TR-60SU, TR-70PZ, TR-70PZT,TR-70SKD, TR-70SU1142
Slant/FinIntrepidTR-60P, TR-60PT, TR-60PPT, TR-60WKD, TR-60WU, TR-70P, TR-70PPT, TR-70WKD, TR-70WU1143
Slant/FinLiberty II - Swing-outLD-60P, LD-60PT, LD-60PPT, LD-60WKD, LD-60WU, LD-70P, LD-70PT, LD-70PPT, LD-70WKD, LD-70WU1128
430018Slant/FinLibertyFront Refractory Insulation1087
Slant/FinLiberty II - Swing-outLD-20 (ALL), LD-30 (ALL), LD-40 (ALL), LD-50 (ALL), LD-60PZ, LD-60SU, LD-70PZ, LD-70PZT, LD-70SKD, LD-70SU1127
ThermofloOST SeriesALL SIZES1125
ThermofloOWB SeriesALL SIZES1125
ThermofloOWT SeriesALL SIZES1125
ThermofloOSB SeriesALL SIZES1125
Ultimate EngineeringPFO SeriesPFO-3T, PFO-4, PFO-4T, PFO-5, PFO-5T1073
Ultimate EngineeringK Series Dry BaseK5T1083
Ultimate EngineeringK Series Dry BaseK-8T, K91085
Ultimate EngineeringK Series Dry BaseK4T, K51082
Ultimate EngineeringPFO SeriesPFO-31075
Ultimate EngineeringPFO SeriesPFO-6T, PFO-7, PFO-8T, PFO-91076
225-2-3.00UticaStarfire IIBurner Mounting Plate Insulation1095
5611508UticaStarfire IITarget Wall1095
2552901UticaStarfire IIIMounting Door Insulation and plug1096
25511005UticaStarfire IIFloor Blanket1095
RD160AUticaStarfire IIBurner Mounting Plate Insulation1095
2553303UticaStarfire IIISwing Door Insulation1096
25511005UticaStarfire IIIInsulation Blanket1096
5611508UticaStarfire IIITarget Wall & Insulation Blanket1096
Utica RadiatorO.U. SeriesO.U.3001001
Utica RadiatorAce SeriesACE-3001001
Utica RadiatorSW SeriesSW3, SW4, SW51096
Utica RadiatorO.U. SeriesO.U.400, O.U.5001002
Utica RadiatorAce SeriesACE-400, ACE-5001002
Utica RadiatorO.U. SeriesO.U.600, O.U.7001003
Utica RadiatorConstellationSFM6225W, 7275W, 24150W, 25175W, 25200W, 26225W, 2727W, 36225W, 37275W, 47275W, 57275W, 67275W, 77275W, 87275W1149
Utica RadiatorAce SeriesACE-600, ACE-7001003
VaillantF100 SeriesF100-30, F100-40, F100-50, F100-601119
2015-114VaillantF70 & F75Conbustion Chamber1117/1118
591-000-060Weil McLain66/68 SeriesRear Refractory1060
590-735-105Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Seal Rope1148
591-000-063Weil McLain66/68 SeriesRear Refractory - Wet1060
Weil McLain62 Series562, 6621002
Weil McLain65 Series465, 565, 665, 765, 8651101
386-500-085Weil McLain66/68 SeriesComplete Replacement Kit1060
386-700-358Weil McLainGold (GO)Front Replacement Kit1072
591-222-115Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Refractory Blanket1072
386-700-359Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Refractory1072
386-700-355Weil McLainGold (GO)Target Wall Replacement Kit1072
Weil McLain62 Series362, 4621001
590-735-105Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Seal Rope1072
386-700-358Weil McLainGold (GO)Front Replacement Kit1148
591-000-070Weil McLain78 & 80 Series4" Front refractory1121
385-700-220Weil McLain78 & 80 SeriesKit without front Refractory1121
Weil McLain76 Series476, 576R, 576, 676, 776, 876, 9761120
386-700-355Weil McLainGold (GO)Target Wall Replacement Kit1148
591-222-115Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Refractory Blanket1148
590-000-072Weil McLain78 & 80 Series6" Front refractory1122
386-700-359Weil McLainGold (GO)Door Refractory1148
591-221-236Weil McLain66/68 SeriesFloor Blanket1060
Weil McLain62 Series7621003
591-000-061Weil McLain66/68 SeriesFront Refractory1060
WilliamsonOWT SeriesALL SIZES1126
WilliamsonOST SeriesALL SIZES1126
WilliamsonOSB SeriesALL SIZES1126
WilliamsonOWB SeriesALL SIZES1126

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